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Hello people! Now i want to talk about Offline game.

Now, if you were following the development of Offline game and Offline game Remake, you might ask: Jeez, JustGamer. What the hell? Where's the updates for Offline game and why are you making updates for some "Offline game Remake"? Well, i answered these questions in my "Q&A" devlog on the Offline game Remake game page. If you haven't seen it, then click here. Since i lost all my save files, i wont be able to lead the game to the final stage. So, in order for it to not happen again, i will make backups for the save files every month. Just what if the PC's videocard will break again and i will lose all my save files again? If this will happen again, i will be able to have my backup's and will be able to update y'all.

Now's time to talk about the game
I noticed, that time i made alot of spelling mistakes and game's design fails. What will you do with them now? You may ask. Well, i plan on making free DLC for the "Offline game Remake" titled "Classic Edition". And about this game. Im not going to change, add or delete anything. I'll leave the game be.

About the DLC?
DLC will just remake 4 levels, 1 boss fight, Good Ol' Infinity Runner and an Secret Ending. In total of 7 Rooms (Which will be enough to make in just 1 day :D)

But your engine does not support 7 rooms! You said that Noobster engine has a limit of 5 rooms! LIAR!
Woah, woah, woah, boi. Yuh, i said these words, but when i started making the Remake, i used "Noobster beta 1.3", which is a beta of Noobster engine, that doesn't has a room limit. So, it allowed me to make as much levels as i want.

So yeah. I think you got my message. Bye

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