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INCOMING TRANSMISSION FROM JUSTGAMER. Can you hear me? Great! Hello! Its justGamer. Well its really good news. Since we done so far. We could know the general questions for any game. Its When final version of (Game name) will release? Its quite simple while game is almost done to complete version. Let me show you 2 examples of games that had these questions:

1.Ravenfield. Its quite epic shooter about ravens and eagles(Red and Blue) by SteelRaven7(might be outdated version of nickname) But its still undone. You can download it in Steam, but you have to pay to get it.

2.Yandere simulator. It is game made by Yandere dev, about japan girl who has crush on senpai(Name:Taro Yamada) You can download it on official site . Its free game but it will become paid as it being final game.

You may ask Why you picked these 2 games? They are really far away from being completed! Well it was examples of games that being asked by downloaders deep inside. This is anwster to your question.

Now time to talk about all updates for Offline game. Well 1.0 was a piece of game that has being, lets say, base for game evolution. Also i want to say that before 2.0 was released, i made 2.0 version of the game and i started deleting future features before the 1.0 version. Dont worry, i had saved 2.0 before i started deleting some features from 2.0 to make 1.0 first. There was a reason why i did that, I thought if i release 2.0 first, then it will be faster to finish game developing. Then if you read this, you may go to the comments to say WHY DID YOU MAKE 2.0 FIRST THAN 1.0?! YOUR GAME IS TERRIBLE AND I WANT IT TO END FASTER YOU IDIOT!!!!!! I know no one needs my game, but, i hope i may get something from game developing. For the truth, i was wanted to make a game a long ago. I had some games that i made since i get Noobster. I wanted to be game developer too. It feels really cool when you make a game and upload it. Updating it, adding more features. But when i first uploaded Offline game to i felt really excited. Finally, i thought to myself. My game is on internet! I was to exccited and wanted to see on next day what do i get for that time. And i was seen that nothing really happened. But, for some reason. I didn't cared about that no longer. I wanted to feel like a developer more than seeing what do i get. After 2.0 release, my internet off. And i went for long time waiting for next weekend. On next weekend i get internet and went to see what happened for that time. I was actually shocked when i see that. I did actually got views and downloads! I went telling my [DELETED]... Oh sorry it happens everytime when i want to say Name or anything about my close people. You might seen that. Aren't you? Well lets continue where i left of. When i told that i got downloads and views on my game, [DELETED] was happy too. Then i continue updating game. On night-time(I live in russia) when it was almost morning i made some pics for Offline game start and win backgrounds (i showed them on other post ) then i went to sleep. On the day when i woke up i went back to making game and set them as background. I thought its going be biggest update in Offline game history! And i wanted to see what is it will look like. And for good cuz i seen only piece of what i wanted to see. Well i was upset  and went remaking the game to fix it. Well instead of setting it to basic one, i made white image and put it as backgrounds to  fix it. Resaved it to left it like for extra, recreated EXE, and everything was done. I uploaded 3.0 and write in changelog(site and txt) that i failed and has to make it as another little update. Well then i wasn't making another version i just spend weekend on games and youtube. Then as i release 4.0 i will be 1 version far from game being completed. So as i wanted to tell i can see that 5.0 will get another level and Secret ending will be removed. 6.0 will become final version of the game. Well i want to tell that Infinity runner was made to fill the game. Originally i wanted so player cant fire the purple ghost. But engine does not remembers changes(like if few levels and then you remove ability to fire on infinity runner and engine let player fire until infinity runner) my engine was like If fire allowed then player can fire include infinity runner but if fire removed i wont let player fire. Because of that i had to make Secret ending. If i didn't then i was able to tell myself all the time that i said If its infinity runner then the player should run for infinity until he didn't close the game and Infinity runner means not to kill who runs on you, Its not logic! Well 6.0 will not include Infinity runner. I hope i anwstered what i was wanted to anwster.

Why i was inactive? I was active everywhere except for Itch io. And only today i went to Itch io. Well i wasn't active some time cuz i was on internet from my Phone and was playing games. Well thanks for reading this.


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