Update 3.0, start&win background fail

Hello! Today i'll tell why did i removed start & win backgrounds. When i made this game and was making 3.0 update changes to being everything right, i were making pictures made in paint specially for 3.0. When i was done i closed every my masterpiece



But then after i closed paint i went to vk website to listen to some music. Some time later i went to sleep. At a day i was continuesly made some changes, deleting past save files to make another one. Then, when i applied everything i need i remembered that i forgot to choose Start & Win background changes. I choosed my paintings, and after doing this i overwrite my past changes to make new ones. Before uploading i tested it. And what i saw was NOT what i Expected, after seeing this i closed game to make White background images to what i have done. After that i just selected Start & Win backgrounds to White image. So thats the story i hope you seeing this to the end. I have hint where to see for txt file to hints on endings:sdnuorgkcab dna sti neddih. Its not random word-typing


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Nov 02, 2018

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Well I told you all the truth and a hint lol